How to – Skull Halloween Make Up

How to – Skull Halloween Make Up

How to – Skull Halloween Make Up Featured

With our new collection of Halloween fancy dress costumes, we thought we’d write a tutorial for you on how to create a spooky makeup look to compliment your outfit! Below we’ll show you how to create scary skull face paint to go with our skeleton fancy dress costumes.


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How To – Skull Face Paint

Before you start you’ll need black and white face paint, face paint brushes, sponges and water. Begin by washing your face, making sure you’re make-up free and get your hair well out of the way. Make one of your make up sponges slightly damp then rub it in the white paint to get a good layer. Dab the sponge all over your face until your face is totally white apart from your eye sockets.

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Next, dip one of the brushes in some water then cover it in black face paint. Use it to outline the eye sockets.

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Using black face paint, fill in the eye sockets being really careful not to get it too close to your eyes. As you can imagine black paint in your eye doesn’t feel great and really isn’t the look we’re going for here…

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Next, give yourself a spooky skeleton nose with black paint. Cover the whole of the tip of your nose then paint two points either side towards the bridge.

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For the cheekbones/jaw line, use black paint to draw a curved line from your ear down to your mouth. Use another brush and some white paint to blend below the line for a shaded effect.

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Over your mouth use a very thin paint brush to create your teeth. These should be as symmetrical as possible.

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Using your blending brush, blend the black outline of the teeth with a little white paint to create a shaded effect around the teeth.

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Ta Dah! You should now look like a scary skeleton fit for some serious Halloween partying! Just finish your look with an equally terrifying fancy dress costume.


Last modified on: October 23, 2016